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About Us

Quality - Craftsmanship - Unmatched


We pride ourselves in the longstanding relationships we have maintained with our exclusive network of suppliers, subcontractors, and design professionals. This allows us to bring our clients visions to life with the quality they deserve, and have come to expect from Alkire Construction.


Like craftsman of old, we believe that a contractor should understand, and be able to perform every aspect of a build, from foundation to finish. This ideology gives us the unique ability to ensure that only true craftsmen set foot on our job site.  These craftsmen care not only about their trade, but about our customers overall experience.


Our #1 Goal at Alkire Construction is perfection. We realize this is an impossible goal to achieve, but the pursuit of it is what sets us apart from other contractors. We constantly strive to better ourselves, and what we offer to or clients in every way. Whether through our craft, or our customers experience, we push to make every job we undertake our best one yet.

Our Story

Alkire construction was founded by Terry L. Alkire in 1981. Terry started his company  with an unwavering commitment to provide his clients with the best quality at a fair price, which still drives, and defines the company to this day.  

We have grown over the past 37 years, to take on increasingly more complex projects, and transformed from a one man show, into a multi-generation family business, completing projects from foundation to finish, and passing on a legacy of craftsmanship.  

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